TEMPUR® Firm Mattress

Designed for the firmest supportive feel Experience where it all started. The TEMPUR® Firm Collection is our newest and most advanced design yet. Our Firm mattresses feature TEMPUR® Extra Firm Support Material for night-long and unparalleled support. Experience our new Firm signature feel invented for supreme comfort and deep sleep, night after night, all night long.


It's not one thing. It could be the unique pressure-relieving TEMPUR® Material, created from NASA technology. Or over 30 years of expertise in sleep and innovation after creating the world's first memory foam mattress and pillow.

It could simply be the magic of that TEMPUR® feeling when you lie down, helping you to find true, restful sleep. Truth is, it’s all of this and so much more…

Inside every TEMPUR® Mattress

Developed from NASA space technology, all our mattresses feature the authentic TEMPUR® Material that adapts to your body as you sleep, offering uncompromising comfort and support all night long.

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